With the change in administrations changes are happening at all state agencies. New leadership. New goals. New priorities. And, as it turns out, new TV channels as well.

Plunderbund has just learned that the Ohio Department of Transportation’s cafeteria, which used to show CNN during the day, has recently been ordered by ODOT’s HR department to ONLY show Fox News (Kasich’s former employer).

First thoughts: is ODOT’s Human Resources paying someone to hang around the TV to yell at you if you change the channel? Did they just post a nasty memo? Or did they just take the cheap route and tape all the buttons down?

ODOT: we report, you decide

  • Delco

    I had heard that NetJets employees are only allowed to view Fox News in the breakroom because the company is paid by Fox to do so. Not sure whether that is an urban legend or not. If true, perhaps ODOT is now privatizing its televisions;)

  • J-Dog

    then just take the damned television sets out of there! What balderdash!

  • Swilson2242

    When out in public…bars, the neighborhood country club…wherever, the second I see the F word I ask them to change the channel.

    Fox = crappy corporate-greed news
    Kasich = crappy corporate-greed governor

    …somehow it seems to fit.

  • Dl

    there is no way this is true??? Is it????? Someone out there from ODOT speakup and let me know the details?????

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Fox news or cartoons — same thing except the cartoons make more sense
    some one out there has to know the answer

  • Littleguy

    I forwarded your report to Anderson Cooper CNN keeping them honest. Hopefully CNN will pick this up, investigate, and expose this blatant politicization of state property.

  • Anonymous

    I used to work for a semi-evil-company and they had two televisions in the company break room. It was policy that only two channels could ever be shown. ESPN and HLN. Which means you spent your entire lunch period listening to Nancy Grace go over every detail of the latest child kidnapping or gruesome murder.

    So it’s not hard for me to believe that someone would make this “company” policy. They’ll say it’s to prevent employees arguing over what to watch.

  • UpStart

    D1 – I work there. It IS true. I was told by the person who handled the logistics of the change that he was instructed to set up the TV so it would ONLY receive Fox News. I have no idea if the TV does, in fact, only receive one station or not; I have not tried to change the channel (frankly, I never watched it much even when it was showing CNN). The one bit of consolation in this whole matter is that I’ve seen only about three people ever sitting at the table facing the TV, and one of them were on their cell phone.

  • And to think some people were actually questioning my information. pshaw!

    Thanks for verifying UpStart!

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  • jsm1963

    Other channels are reportedly blocked. Just turn the damn TV’s off.

  • Anonymous

    In other news, we’re paying for a satellite/cable subscription for ODOT’s cafeteria why?

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