Today’s JobsOhio hearing is about to start (check Twitter and I’ll update you if anything interesting happens). While you’re waiting I thought you might like to read Mark Kvamme’s testimony from yesterday. (see below)

Some quick notes: It’s very clear from Kvamme’s testimony at the JobsOhio hearing yesterday that he doesn’t know how state government works – and he doesn’t seem to care. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given that the guy who hired him has no clue either. And yet both men are making downright false claims that existing government regulations get in the way of development.

For example, Kvamme claims that he needs to operate JobsOhio in private to protect companies’ trade secrets, but the ODOD already has legal protections to keep from releasing trade secrets as public records.

Kvamme claims that he needs to be able to spend freely on food and travel but other than Strickland’s executive order which has already expired, there aren’t any laws against spending public money on food or travel.

Kasich and Kvamme are making up bogus reasons why they can’t do economic development within state government. None of them are true.

The real objective seems to be getting a hold of some state money to invest in companies (or coins or beanie babies or maybe or collector plates from the Franklin Mint) to get equity and to pay the people working for JobsOhio really, really well while they wine & dine executives and can’t be investigated by the IG. The whole thing is a big, taxpayer-funded secret supper club. And the whole thing is based on lies.