The Columbus Dispatch reports how a Mike DeWine staffer hit a bicyclist while driving the Attorney General around:

According to a Columbus police report, confirmed by accounts from DeWine and Kirk, Kirk rode his bicycle against a red light at Front and Main streets. He was knocked to the pavement by a 2008 Chrysler 300 in which DeWine was a passenger. A DeWine staff member, Robert Lagergren, was driving DeWine’s personal car.

Kirk, who said he has no insurance because he can’t afford it, didn’t want to go to a hospital emergency room and left the scene to make a scheduled appointment with his parole officer.

However, DeWine tracked him down and insisted that he see a doctor.

The attorney general had a staff member, Ann O’Donnell, drive Kirk to Jamestown, Ohio, about 30 miles southeast of Dayton, to see DeWine’s physician, Dr. Kevin Sherrett, who is also the Greene County coroner.

But that’s not all the Attorney General had his staff do:

O’Donnell said she gave Kirk $70 in cash to make up for missing a day’s work and bought him lunch.

Apology PB&J Samwich But when the greedy sod asked the Attorney General to also pay for the second day of work he missed and to replace the cell phone (his own means of communication) that was destroyed in the accident, DeWine cut him off figuring that driving a guy multiple counties away to see his personal physician, $70, and a free lunch was more than just compensation for hitting a guy on a bike with your car.

This guy had no insurance and couldn’t afford the high cost of emergency room care.  Geez, if only there was something the government did to help out guys like Jonathan Kirk, who lacked health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of the only medical service available to them, the emergency room, even when you’ve been hit by a car.

In other news, we finally know what Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine wants to replace President Obama’s health care reform with, right? A one-time visit with DeWine’s personal physician, $70, and a sandwich.

Maybe it’s because I’ve started to finally get into the game, Dragon’s Age: Origins, but does this strike anyone as particular feudal in tone?

Oh dear, it appears my carriage just hit a local villager.  Geoffrey take him to my personal physician, give him a gold shilling and some food, and let’s get on with it…”

But, lord, this won’t even cover the wages I’ll lose or the stuff you destroyed….”

Ungrateful serf…”

Yeah, I bet the police report probably doesn’t present it that way…