Employees of JobsOhio can’t join a public union or have civil service protection, and no longer contribute to PERS.

John Kasich has yet to give a single example of how having a public agency with employees protected by Ohio’s civil service laws (which prevent cronyism, nepotism, etc.) has harmed the State’s economic development efforts, and yet, as promised, he’s removing the civil service protections by privatizing the agency.  Kasich’s bill would, of course, also means that the employees would lose other benefits such as a defined benefit plan like PERS.  Worse benefits and more nepotism and political cronyism…. hurrah!

Our glorious leader has solved a problem none of us has realized! If the Ohio Department of Development wasn’t barred from certain activities like nepotism and political cronyism, we’d have a 4% unemployment rate.

Why do we need to do this, again?  Seriously, this is one campaign promise I’d praise Kasich for breaking.

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