Plunderbund has spoken to people who have seen a draft of the JobsOhio legislation that’s headed to committee today. We’ll have a much more detailed analysis coming up but I wanted to give you a quick overview of the GIGANTIC ethics and transparency problems this bill has.

  • JobsOhio and its staff are not subject to audits by the Auditor of State
  • JobsOhio and its staff are not subject to the state ethics law
  • JobsOhio and its staff are only partially subject to state lobbying laws
  • JobsOhio employees are exempt from definition of state employees and ineligible for PERS
  • JobsOhio is not subject to public records law
  • And the GOVERNOR is EXEMPT from public records law when acting as chair

Remember when John Kasich said he’s “all about transparency”?

He lied.