It looks like helping to sabotage one of Ted Strickland’s solutions for helping to balance the budget has earned Carlo Loparo a job with the Kasich administration.

Or maybe its his experience working for a group that has spent the past year fighting tooth and nail against Ohio’s transparency laws to keep the source of it’s funding private.

Either way, Carlo’s got a new job as the new spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and by every metric Kasich seems to consider important, Carlo totally deserves the job.

As we’ve noted many times before Loparo went from spending years working for Ken Blackwell, bounced over to the Buckeye Institute for awhile, and eventually ended up with other former Blackwell staffers Gene Pierce and Norm Cummings at

LetOhioVote, you may remember, took millions in undisclosed contributions from another Blackwell buddy Tim Crawford and his group New Models to fight a legal battle against Ted Strickland’s plan to allow VLTs at racetracks in Ohio. Ultimately they ended up pulling the issue from the ballot before it ever came up for a vote when Jennifer Brunner filed suit against them to release the names of their donors.

If that doesn’t earn you a job with the new Governor, I don’t know what does.

To be fair, LoParo is really just a spokesperson. And he certainly isn’t the mastermind behind LetOhioVote or any of the disastrous decisions he had to defend while working for Blackwell. But he’s done one hell of a job keeping his composure in the face of tough questions asked about obviously biased decisions on the part of the groups and officials he’s worked for. And for that Carlo certainly deserves the position he just got.

There’s no doubt Kasich has big and really bad plans for Corrections. And it seems like Mr. Loparo is the perfect person to help defend them.

Congrats Carlo. And good luck. You’re going to need it.