When the Dispatch endorsed David Yost for Auditor they expressed the importance of “clear financial and performance audits, free of political bias“. They claimed that “Yost’s party loyalty has been tried, too, and he has come down on the side of taxpayers” and gave Yost kudos for prosecuting a fellow Republican for falsifying an employee’s time sheets.

Yost had an opportunity to put aside political bias in the past to help protect state funds. The question is: will he do it again?

Today the Republicans started hearings on a bill that would completely exclude Kasich’s JobsOhio group not only from ethics and transparency requirements, but also from being Audited by Yost.

So will David Yost be a patsy and roll over? Or will he stand up and prove, for once, the Dispatch to be accurate in its expectations of candidates it endorses?

Yost needs to come out swinging on this one. He needs to stand up and be counted as independent of Kasich. He needs to come out and say that JobsOhio absolutely should not be excluded from audits by the state Auditor’s office.

If he does, he will gain a lot of respect from people in his office and people on both sides of the aisle.