Last Friday John Kasich called a press conference with Scott Nally, his new EPA director, to announce that Nally had just overcome a 20 month delay on the part of the EPA to deliver a new permit for a gas-fueled, co-generation facility in southern Ohio.

According to Kasich, the delay was caused by “a lack of commitment and a lack of vision” on the part of EPA employees.

But as Mark Niquette of the Dispatch discovered from the former EPA director, the long processing time had nothing to do with the EPA or its employees. It took 20 months because of “delays in getting information from the company.” According to an unnamed EPA employee, “were told to find a permit that was ready to go out the door.”

The unnamed EPA employee revealing Kasich’s lies really seems to have have pissed off the new Governor.

Today Kasich gathered all 1,200 EPA workers from around the state in Columbus. Many of these workers missed an entire work day riding buses to the state capital for the meeting.

And why did the new governor gather them all in one place?

To lecture them about talking to press.

Kasich and Nally also asked this morning that employees keep issues they have with policies or leaders within the agency, instead of airing them in public.

“You got a problem, come and see me. Come and see the director,” Kasich urged the crowd. “Be big enough to come in and confront me.”

Crazy but true!

Kasich’s first public act related to the EPA is to call a press conference to announce that the agency’s employees lack vision and commitment. And then, a week later, he makes them all ride on buses to Columbus (missing an entire day of work) to listen to him lecture them about talking to the press.

It’s bad enough that Kasich promised Ohio’s business leaders that the EPA would be moving “at the speed of business” and then took all of the agency’s employees away from work for an entire day.

But Kasich lecturing EPA employees about not airing agency problems in public is like John Kasich lecturing his kids about their bad tempers or their poor public speaking skills or their lack of non-white friends.

This “do as I say, not as I do” crap may work with your kids, John. But I know for a fact that the hard-working employees at the EPA collectively rolled their eyes while listening to your ego-filled rant today. And I find it hard to believe that any of them would risk the potential coffee stains on their clothing that would come from confronting you on any issue.

Note to EPA employees: when Scott and John won’t listen to you, we will. You know where to find us: JOSEPH@PLUNDERBUND.COM

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  • Decker

    I’d say Kasich’s mouth isn’t wired to his brain, but that presupposes he has a brain.

  • Xx

    Sounds more like a dictator than a governor. Maybe a series on how to get data outside the agency without a trail is in order.

  • Anastasjoy

    Well, that’s no surprise. He talked like a bullying tinpot dictator before the election, and, unlike the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I didn’t expect him to change AFTER the election. This is a man who is completely out of touch with the thoughtful, civil, practical, effective, ethical, and moral way of doing things.

  • Anonymous

    Love the point about using WebEx or GoToMeeting. Chartering buses for an all-day field trip is not exactly moving at the speed of business.

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  • Victoria

    If its something that feeds his ego, like an overpaid staff or intimidating state classified employees–many union employees, apparently money is no object. We have to find $8,000,000. And he is wasting our money–to force these guys onto his metaphor-(a bus of course) and threaten them. If I know state employees, none are actually intimidated and will be looking for ways to get him. (Don’t use state equipment to contact the press though–don’t give him an excuse to get you)

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  • I’d say his mouth is wired to something else…

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