From the daily archives: Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Friday John Kasich called a press conference with Scott Nally, his new EPA director, to announce that Nally had just overcome a 20 month delay on the part of the EPA to deliver a new permit for a gas-fueled, co-generation facility in southern Ohio.

According to Kasich, the delay was caused by “a lack of commitment and a lack of vision” on the part of EPA employees.

But as Mark Niquette of the Dispatch discovered from the former EPA director, the long processing time had nothing to do with the EPA or its employees. It took 20 […]

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Joseph and I have been ping ponging on this story for awhile now.   Back in August, Governor John Kasich was asked this question in a Columbus Dispatch questionnaire:

11. Would you renew the 2007 executive order that no one can be fired from or denied a state job on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity?

Kasich: Yes.

Today, on what is known in political media circles as “taking out the trash day,” with virtually no fanfare at all, Governor Kasich signed an executive order dealing with employment discrimination by the […]

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That was fast…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Governor Kasich’s Director of the Ohio Department of Youth Services Christine Money announced her retirement today citing “health reasons” effective Monday.

Ms. Money was a holdover from the Strickland Administration who served as Interim Director of the agency since May when Strickland named the last Director to run the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Money was announced as a Cabinet pick during Kasich’s inauguration weekend.  Earlier today, the Columbus Dispatch reported that while some of Kasich’s Cabinet officers received double digit raises, Money received only a […]

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At a hearing for the House State Government committee Wednesday (chair: Mecklenborg) the committee adopted a rule saying no one can audio or videotape committee hearings without permission of the chair AND the person speaking.

Let me repeat that: Every person speaking at the hearing needs to provide approval before you can record a hearing.

These hearings can often be like a circus with speakers being paraded through like clowns coming out of a tiny car. The expectation that anyone will get permission from every speaker at a committee hearing is absolutely ridiculous. And I’m guessing that’s the point.


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State Representative John Adams (R-Sidney) came onto our site last night to leave this comment on my JobsOhio story:

“Keep in mind that Indiana gained 40,000 jobs since August, 2009. Ohio gained about 7,300 jobs during the same time. This with a DOD of 65 employees and a budget of $37 million versus Ohio’s DOD that has 408 employees and a budget of $ 1.15 billion.

“The average salary for manufacturing employees in Ohio was less than in Indiana in 2009 ($43,011 in Ohio, $45,643 in Indiana), but electricity costs ( 6.19 cents per kilowatt hour for industrial […]

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The Dispatch reported today that Kasich has also increased the salaries of many of his Cabinet members – especially those of his closest friends and allies.

OBD Director Tim Keen got a 19% bump up to $150K and Mary Taylor, who will be receiving pay from her job as head of the Department of Insurance instead of at the lower Lt. Governor rate, is getting a bump of 17% to the same $150K amount. We can only assume this was done to keep Taylor and Keen from seeking better paying jobs in the private sector.

Some of the other […]

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Maybe it’s because I was a history major in undergrad at Miami University, but I thought this was one of the most interesting PolitFact articles so far since the Plain Dealer started it.

During the press conference unveiling their plans to repeal estate tax, State Rep. Jay Hottinger attributed a quote to Ben Franklin about the only thing certain in life was “death and taxes.”  Hottinger’s implication was that Founding Fathers like Franklin opposed inheritance or estate taxes.

Well, the PD’s PolitiFact dusted off the history books and found that Hottinger was wrong.  Horribly, Glenn Beck ignorant level […]

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Back on December 29th, we told you that Governor Kasich was doubling the number of Ohio Highway Patrol officers assigned to his security today.  Yesterday, the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog reported:

The Ohio Department of Public Safety is asking the Controlling Board — a panel of lawmakers that approves spending requests — to green-light an additional $2.9 million for staffing and $100,000 for equipment from the fund that pays for security for dignitaries including the governor.

[Ohio Department of Public Safety Joe] Andrews said the request to the Controlling Board does not include […]

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