(Thanks DelCo for the tip in the comments)

  • Rgtmwlly

    Oh my god, if anyone actually watched these shows, you might get noticed! Too bad no one does. Just check the ratings.

  • hey! we’ve also been on ONN twice too. i think this is a few steps up. Maddow and Olbermann in the same week. not too shabby…

    we probably got noticed by what? million? million and a half viewers? i think your “no one” estimate is a bit of a low ball. 😉

  • another thing to look for when you get a mention on shows like this are searches for “plunderbund”. up 38% two days ago and 85% yesterday. we’ll take it.

    ps – don’t be a hater. it makes your face look sad.

  • Anonymous

    ODP was featured by CNN’s John King during the election…

  • Mkovac

    Even Keith Olbermann to include appropriate attribution for @ohiocapitalblog video. Stinkin.

  • Anonymous

    I knew I recognized that shaky grainy shooting from somewhere!

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