Back in November we reported that the Kasich transition website was accepting applications for Government jobs on their private website. We soon learned that John Kasich intended to keep those resumes private. Advocates for government transparency responded negatively. Blogs responded even more negatively. But the fiercest and most vocal response came from newspapers who had endorsed John Kasich for Governor.

In the end, Kasich agreed he would have to release the information. And today he did.

We currently have all of the resumes and are debating if/how to make them available. For now I’m going to post the associated document containing the list of people and the positions they applied for.


I originally posted the data to Scribd but it appears to be too big. Here’s a link to the original list as provided by the Governor’s Office.


I will work on getting the Scribd document posting this evening along with some additional analysis. But to answer the question I know all of you are asking: Yes. Matt Naugle and Jon Keeling (aka DJ Tablesauce) did apply for jobs.