Today’s Akron Beacon Journal addresses Joseph’s inflated staff salaries in the Kasich Administration story from two weeks ago:

“The more acute disconnect involves the governor’s harsh words for many in the public sector, especially unions, about failing to understand the principle of sacrifice. Kasich insists they make do with less. Then, he turns around and pays his chief of staff $47,000 a year more than the Strickland chief of staff. He might want to set a better example.”

Be sure to read the rest of the editorial as it also addresses why Kasich’s argument that his staff is under Strickland’s budget is flawed.

Frankly, we’re still waiting for Kasich to take out a full page ad to apologize to us for saying that people shouldn’t believe what they read here… only to release a budget document that confirmed our reporting.

Maybe a BlogAds here, Governor?  Best, most affordable rates in the Ohio blogsphere. 😉

Today’s Toledo Blade cartoon: