Not often do you see a poll in which the incoming Administration has a substantially lower approval rating than the outgoing one during the “honeymoon period,” but that’s exactly what Quinnipiac reported today.

In early February 2007, Quinnipiac’s first approval rating for Governor Strickland showed him with an approval rating at 45% approval and 12% disapproval and the rest undecided.  In today’s Quinnipiac Poll, Strickland leaves office with… a 46% approval rating.

Kasich better hope he does better getting the undecided Ohioans this early in his term to approve of his performance or else he’s in big trouble come 2014.

Strickland Miss Me YetAccording to Quinnipiac, Kasich has an approval rating of only 30%, and 22% already DISAPPROVE.  That means he has a small +8 advantage in his job approval in his first week on the job compared to the +33 advantage Strickland had relatively around the same time period.  As far as my research can find, no first-term Ohio Governor has had such a low approval or as high disapproval rating as Kasich. Nearly a quarter of Ohioans disapprove of the job Kasich is doing.

Independents approve of Strickland now more than ten points more than they approve of Kasich.

As for Kasich’s decision to scrap the 3C passenger rail system, Ohioans are largely split on the decision with a slight plurality (48%) supported the decision, while 42% of Ohioans opposed it.

However, that’s the best Kasich does on any issue Quinnipiac tested:

  • By 46% to 43% Ohioans OPPOSE Kasich’s plan to layoff state employees;
  • By 51% to 30% Ohioans OPPOSE leasing the turnpike;
  • By 51% to 31% Ohioans OPPOSE Kasich’s plan to privatize State prisons;
  • By 51% to 34% Ohioans OPPOSE Kasich’s plan to restrict or eliminate the right of public employees to collectively bargain;
  • By 51% to 36% Ohioans OPPOSE Kasich’s plan to eliminate the State’s estate tax;

From the Quinnipiac press release:

"Ohioans do not want a tax increase to deal with the budget crisis but are skeptical that Gov. Kasich will be able to avoid one, despite his promises," said Brown.

In fact, not even a majority of registered Republicans believe Kasich will keep his no higher taxes pledge…

Statehouse Republicans have to take this poll seriously and realize that if they pursue their legislative agenda that is OPPOSED by a majority of the electorate they might not only be out of the job, but they could single handedly tip Ohio to Obama in 2012 and the entire presidential election.

  • Well, you gotta give it to him. The man does act quickly. I figured it would take at least two weeks to accomplish this.

    Go Team Kasich!

  • The Working Poor

    I can’t wait for Kasich to refer to himself as a “decider.” He’s not going to be phased by bad poll numbers. He and his cronies in the state house are bound and determined to take us over a cliff and there’s nothing rational people can do to talk them out of it.

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  • Miles

    That’s a really ugly poll. Of course, without districting reform, it won’t be possible to get GOP state senators out of office.

    But they’re risking statewide electoral defeat if they target those 35 percenters with their legislative agenda.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    he is not gonna care — he doesnt believe polls unless its in his favor like election time.
    I have always heard money talks — it obviously does people are buying jobs here right and left.
    hes giving all his plans away by hiring people with pasts that go right along with his agenda( ex: steve buerher has always liked privitizing ideas–hes where? at BWC first place that was talked about to privitize– the guy in charge of corrections -mymy hes worked for a company that does the same –privitizes!!)
    what about the overcrowding of the prisons and the cost does he not get — its not how the prisons are run — its the crappy judges– thats what needs changed– stop letting first time offenders go to prisons for 8 months to a year — stop putting nere-to-well dads in for 2 years– there are programs out in the cities and etc that can take care of this stuff– oh wait I forget he will cut thoses program s also –get in our pockets to fund all those–
    people of Ohio have no idea whats gonna come out of their pockets after he cuts and cuts — life goes on with and without crimes
    looks good on paper but doesnt always work
    privitizing lowers wages and benefits — I dont know about the rest of you but gas and food alone are putting us under let alone the rest( housepayment utilities etc) nothing gets any cheaper the cost of living is higher than wages now
    but he says he knows he wont be popular and doesnt care — well when election times ( may and nov) roll around his buddies in the house and senate will care a lot !!
    4 years of this circus 4 years walking the tight rope 4 years trying to balance on the backs of elephants —

  • Calvin R

    It seems to me tha the Kasich administration will become a staple in political science classes nationwide as the example of how a party (Ohio Republicans) can win an election only to set themselves up for massive defeats in the following election. Also, given Kasich’s attitude and some of his choices for appointees, some of these people may get a taste of those privatized prisons.

  • Ryanbraglin

    Oh so naive Eric..were F’D

  • Dalestore

    Kasich will destroy himself in one term ………..people are not as dumb as he believes they are ………….he is ticking off the public at a very fast clip ………there will be a LOT of splinter groups that will not vote for him again because of his policies …………self destruction will be complete by the next election ……in fact well before it …………..goodbye one termer

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