Gang, meet Thomas William Gunlock, whom Kasich yesterday named to the Ohio Board of Education.  According to the Dayton Daily News, Mr. Gunlock was appointed by Governor Bob Taft to the Ohio Board of Education, but then defeated when he ran for “re”-election in 2006.

The Dayton Daily News also reports that Mr. Gunlock presently works for R. G. Properties, a real estate firm.  LinkedIn lists Mr. Gunlock’s position as Director of Marketing.  R. G. Properties stands for Randall L. Gunlock, the real estate firm’s owner.

Now, here are the donations the Gunlocks made last year to Governor Kasich’s campaign, according to Secretary of State Jon Husted’s official website:

imageAccording to this, “Bill” Gunlock gave Gov. Kasich’s campaign $4,500, while Randall Gunlock and his wife donated $22,791.12 on top of that.  An appointment of folks who make a political donation doesn’t necessary suggest a quid pro quo.

But let’s also remember that the State Board of Education was one of the agencies that the State Senate Republicans chose to reject, wholesale, any Strickland appointee to after the election.  Not once, but twice, the State Senate voted to deny confirming any Strickland appointments to the State Board of Education saying, publicly, that they were leaving these slots open so Governor Kasich could fill them.  Incidentally, the Gunlocks were also major donors to Secretary of State Jon Husted, who, while still in the State Senate, voted with the rest of his State Senate Republican colleagues (except for one) to deny confirming any of Strickland’s appointments to the Ohio Board of Education.

Okay… and?

Well, take those sets of facts and then factor in this:  Last year, Thomas “Bill” Gunlock ran for one of the elected positions to the State’s Board of Education to regain the seat he held prior to 2006.  That is, until he suddenly, and without any publicly reported explanation, dropped out of the race before the election.

geniusDonations to the Governor—>  Dropping out the race for an elected position—>  Governor-elect has his allies in the Senate clear the deck for an appointment to the same body –>  Appointment.

What are we missing here?

Why else would a guy go from dropping out of a race for an election position for the Ohio Board of Education, only to be one of the first appointments to the same body?

[UPDATE:] Hannah News Service just reported that in a narrow 10-9 vote, Thomas “Bill” Gunlock was just elected Vice-Chairman of the Ohio State Board of Education.  Kasich appointed five new members, including Gunlock, just yesterday.

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