From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, as you could tell from the title of the Dispatch article I cited in the last post, things eventually started to unravel for Thomas Gunlock and his father Bill and Sabre Systems.  Either by carelessness or arrogance, the Gunlocks made a mistake that led the whole empire of “pay to play” politics unravel.  You see, eventually, the media began to notice the Gunlocks campaign donations and those of Sabre’s employees when something jumped out at them—the donations were made at the same time.

The Dispatch and other outlets began reporting on this and suggestions that the Sabre employees were […]

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Yesterday, Governor Kasich appointed Thomas W. Gunlock to the Ohio Board of Education.  By a 10-9 vote, the Ohio State Board of Education elected Gunlock today to be its Vice-President.  The vote was the result, the Columbus Dispatch reported, by a new Republican majority created by the five appointments Kasich made yesterday and the newly elected members to the Board.  But for the obstructionism of the Ohio State Senate Republicans who rejected two batches of nominations Governor Strickland made to that body, Kasich would not have been able to engineer Republicans leading the State Board of Education.

Earlier […]

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Gang, meet Thomas William Gunlock, whom Kasich yesterday named to the Ohio Board of Education.  According to the Dayton Daily News, Mr. Gunlock was appointed by Governor Bob Taft to the Ohio Board of Education, but then defeated when he ran for “re”-election in 2006.

The Dayton Daily News also reports that Mr. Gunlock presently works for R. G. Properties, a real estate firm.  LinkedIn lists Mr. Gunlock’s position as Director of Marketing.  R. G. Properties stands for Randall L. Gunlock, the real estate firm’s owner.

Now, here are the donations the Gunlocks made last year […]

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Not often do you see a poll in which the incoming Administration has a substantially lower approval rating than the outgoing one during the “honeymoon period,” but that’s exactly what Quinnipiac reported today.

In early February 2007, Quinnipiac’s first approval rating for Governor Strickland showed him with an approval rating at 45% approval and 12% disapproval and the rest undecided.  In today’s Quinnipiac Poll, Strickland leaves office with… a 46% approval rating.

Kasich better hope he does better getting the undecided Ohioans this early in his term to approve of his performance or else he’s in […]

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