Apparently, this morning Governor Kasich’s office took down the MLK, Jr. resolution he signed on January 12th that incorrectly declared St. Patrick’s Day as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and replaced it with one he signed yesterday that, at least.

Here’s the original resolution, since Governor Kasich’s office took it down:

Governor.ohio.Gov LinkClick

Is this what people mean by calling something a “whitewash?”

[UPDATE:]  First,, now the Cleveland Plain Dealer picks up our story:

"It was out there for a time before being corrected," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said.

Kasich’s staff e-mailed a link to the resolution to the media on Monday. The electronic resolution now has the correct date.

For the record, the amount of “time before being corrected” was nearly a week, or the entirety of the Kasich Administration so far.

[UPDATE II:] In all the snark, let’s not forget a larger point I was making about MLK, Kasich, diversity, and public unions yesterday.  State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) sent the Governor this letter to day on the point about MLK, Jr. and the value of diversity.  Note, she also brings up the GLBT executive order that Kasich promised before the election to renew but has failed to do so.

Sen Smith Letter to Governor Regarding Diversity

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