I’m starting to wonder if the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial board isn’t conservative, just contrarian to the governing philosophy of whomever is in office.

Today, the Plain Dealer argues that now is just not the time to considering repealing Ohio’s estate tax (even though Kasich, whom they endorsed, advocated for its immediate repeal before and in rare moments, during, the campaign):

“But the time is not right to outright repeal Ohio’s estate tax. Local governments are squeezed just now every bit as much as the state government — and demands for municipal and township services aren’t declining. The General Assembly, which Republicans control, should significantly increase the $338,333 million exemption amount to align Ohio’s threshold with those of other states.”

Personally, I agree.  The idea that Ohio’s estate tax is somehow responsible for our economic problems is just that… an idea.  And an idea that lacks any grounding in objective facts, especially since 93% of Ohioans die every year without their estates ever paying any estate tax.

If Ohio can tax windfalls for people who win the lottery, then they shouldn’t let people who win the “bloodline lottery” take a windfall tax-free.  I think raising the exemption level, and perhaps writing in some rules that benefit family farms going from generation to generation tax-free is a suitable goal for Ohio.  But simply allowing all estate windfalls to pass subject to no taxation makes little policy sense, especially when city and other local governments are struggling with their budgets as is.