Last Monday we called Governor Kasich’s office multiple times trying to talk to someone. We tried again on Tuesday. The phones went straight to voice mail both days. Eventually they stopped going to voice mail, a sure sign the voice mailbox filled up.

That’s what happens when you cut your constituent relations staff, underpay your lowest-paid staffers and schedule your inaugural ball for a work night.

No one shows up for work and, if they do, they aren’t answering calls from the public.

Watching the Kasich administration completely drop the ball again today with their proclamation declaring St. Patrick’s day (March 17th) to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day again just drove home the point that Kasich cares very little about “the details” i.e. what the public thinks.

Given that John Kasich is the first governor since 1963 (note: The Civil Rights Act didn’t pass until 1964!) to have an all white cabinet, you’d think he’s try to at least PRETEND to give a crap about the 15% of Ohioans who aren’t white.


The misprinted MLK declaration was actually signed on the 12th of January and it is still displayed on their website. That’s five days after he signed it and 7 hours after we pointed out the fact that it’s completely wrong. No one found the mistake in five days. And no one cared enough to remove and/or revised the document all day today.

I fully expect it to still be up tomorrow morning. And maybe forever at this rate.

Moving at the speed of business indeed.

All day long I’ve had this They Might Be Giants’ song stuck in my head and now I think I know why…

p.s. before you point out that no one was working today because it was MLK day, let me point out that someone updated Kasich’s campaign blog at 11:59 am.