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From the Governor’s Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day proclamation:


So does that mean all the State employees who took today off are going to be fired for taking an unplanned leave of absence today?  Will they get March 17th off, too? (It’s a Thursday.)

Two thoughts on this.  One, I’m really glad to see we’re paying these people inflated salaries.  Two, just when you think Kasich’s flippant attitude about the lack of diversity in his Administration couldn’t look worse….

March 17th, by the way, happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.  So, we can all understand how Kasich could confuse the two, right?  Right?Kasich Idiot

[UPDATE:] The link above takes you to a new resolution signed on January 17, 2010 (the erroneous one was dated January 12, 2010 was taken down this morning and replaced with a “corrected” one).  The “corrected” resolution still says that Dr. King helped “break down the barriers of racial and economic justice,” though.

  • Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

    Leave it to Kasich to confuse the drunken celebration of (Catholic) Irish culture with the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister and the most iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights in the United States.

  • Packing4FL

    freaking unbelievable.

  • You’d think for $145K a year that Special Assistant to the Governor Jai Chabria could at least check the dates on documents like this.

  • Pendulum

    He also said that MLK brought down the barriers of racial justice. Omg. Not to mention had several words randomly in 10 pt smaller font and messed up several quotation marks.

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  • Klaarg

    You do realize the Governor doesn’t type up his own documents, he just signs what they give him and only reads what he’s told to. Most Governors do the same, as they have so much crap to sign.

  • vel

    I’m looking forward to the 4th of July coming up next week!

  • Erixs81

    Maybe someone should have taken a second look before handing it over to him. Either way he didn’t read, nor did someone working for him…

  • The good news is that this means Spring is just next week. Not a moment too soon.

  • It’s been six hours since you posted this and the original document is still up on the Governor’s website. WTF?

  • nobody reads blogs.

  • Fair warning, you have been linked as a main page article on Fark. Prepare for massive traffic spike.

  • Haoli25

    Didn’t Saint Martin drive the snakes into the suburbs?

  • Micah

    Bullshit Klaarg.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we figured that out when I got this morning and noticed that by 8:30 we had already gotten as much traffic as we got on Election Day….

    Plunderbund: Fark Tested, Farkin’ Approved!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we realize that. We also realize that the person who was responsible for this might have been one of the people whose salaries Kasich slashed to make the obscene salaries at the top of the office be spinnable.

    Besides, how bad does it look for the Governor to give an erroreous MLK proclamation to the Columbus NAACP while at the same time flippiantly dismissing their concerns (and others) about the utter lack of diversity in his Administration?

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  • Guest

    Oh boy.

    When do the first approval ratings come out? Kasich may be the fastest governor to become unelectable in the history of governors.

  • Anastasjoy

    Well, Richardj, I think it’s intriguing that your post is filled with vague attacks and no facts at all. Interesting that you use sweeping generalities, that Democrats” (ALL Democrats?) “rushed through a major bill without reading it,” and you neither identify the bill nor the Democrats in question. I have no idea what possible bill you could mean that ALL Democrats “arrogantly admitted” to “not reading.” I know this was a blatant lie being passed around about SOME Democrats over the health-care bill but you can’t mean that because not only was that not r”rushed,” it took an obscenely long time to pass, thanks to a campaign of lies from the right which persists to this day.

    And you miss the point. What’s being “demonized” is the sloppiness and irresponsibility of his entire staff, much of which has been given lucrative raises at our expense.

  • Anonymous

    Demonize? No, we’re just mocking.

    Are you REALLY trying to equate saying you didn’t read a one page document before signing it and presenting it as your first proclamation as Governor to those who admit they didn’t read every page of a 1,200 page bill?

    Newsflash, those Republicans who criticized Democrats for not reading the bill, didn’t read the bill, either. They STILL haven’t read the bill. And that’s not the ONLY bill that Members of Congress voted on without virtually anyone actually taking the time to READ the bill. I bet you haven’t even read the bill.

  • Anonymous

    Just updated the post. They took the January 12th Resolution down and replaced it with one he signed yesterday…. gee, I wonder what inspired them to do THAT?

  • Lauren

    Who are the proofreaders? They’d be better off hiring local teenagers to look that shit over.

  • Walkerhds

  • Anonymous

    WIN! We awarded you +23 Internets.

  • KlfhalL

    Yo, Joseph. Saying “the drunken celebration of (Catholic) Irish culture” isn’t going to win any points with this liberal who happens to be an Irish Catholic. Thumbs down.

  • chrisp

    I’m not a fan of Kasich, but this seems like a general goof up, not anything with a deeper agenda. There’s even a goof up in the UPDATE above, since I’m pretty sure all these things were signed in 2011, not 2010 (which is repeated twice) Should we assume you are an idiot as well?

  • Anonymous

    Because St. Patrick’s Day isn’t commonly associated with drinking, right?

  • Anonymous

    Um, we acknowledge it’s a goof up. Nobody here say anything otherwise, but thanks for tackling that straw man you created.

    Yep, I’m still screwing up on the checks I write, too. My bad. But I don’t have a staff in which ten people are making six figure salaries to help me. I rushed an update to be fair and acknowledge that they’ve since corrected the mistake. I wasn’t drafting a government proclaimation to a major constituency, either.

  • Richardj

    Anastasjoy, maybe I should type in single-syllable words so you can understand. Yes, I’m referring to the health care reform bill…you know, the one about which Nancy Pelosi said “we’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it” and about which Obama said “when it’s passed, we’ll all know what’s in it”. And if a campaign of lies consists of the concerns of a medical infrastructure (that is already struggling to meet the demands of an aging population) and their inability to meet projected demand, as well as disincentivizing potential doctors and other medical staff through lower wages and higher regulation, as well as supply, space, and overhead issues, then yes, go ahead and keep on thinking it’s those evil right-wingers who are keeping a dreamlike utopia from occurring.

  • Guest

    Agreed and well said

  • JDG

    NONE of them read ANYTHING they sign! They are all teh same and surely don’t have your best interests’ at heart

  • buckeyekelly

    Oh come on, this is gettin old. Didn’t your token hockey mom come up with something better this week to harp on? Your quote from Speaker Pelosi was an obvious gaffe. Use it to mock in the same spirit used here, but not as solid fact. I would go on and on, point by point to prove with facts and black-and-white text to prove you wrong, but it’s doubtful you’d care, so I’ll save it for someone who would listen to reason and facts.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Speaker Pelosi’s part is the bill needs to pass before you can say definitively what is or isn’t in it… that’s an acknowledgement that the legislative process is, you know, organic, and the legislation will change as debate goes on….

    Seriously, you can’t be this clueless as to miss her meaning that much.

  • stickline65

    Here we go. You are the kind of person that will defend a moron. Your party cant figure out a Irish American celebration day from a government sanctioned NATIONAL African American holiday. That sounds about right.

  • mvirenicus

    the guy’s signature looks like a little kid’s.

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  • Anastasjoy

    I have another question for Richardj. Does he think our state legislators are going to read every page of the budget before voting on it ? I assume he is referring to the health care bill since this tacky little non-argument is trotted out all the time by righties who have no VALID responses to that very moderate bill.
    A. much of the 1,200 pages is procedural stuff. The key stuff can be, and is, summarized in a fraction as many pages.
    B. Congresspeople hired policy analysts to not only read but study important bills and report to their finding to them. Or at least the competent ones do. Some of them make up their minds without apparently even reading the summary, just making up shit like “death panels.”

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