[As seen on The Colbert Report, The Ed Show, and Countdown]

From the Governor’s Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day proclamation:


So does that mean all the State employees who took today off are going to be fired for taking an unplanned leave of absence today?  Will they get March 17th off, too? (It’s a Thursday.)

Two thoughts on this.  One, I’m really glad to see we’re paying these people inflated salaries.  Two, just when you think Kasich’s flippant attitude about the lack of diversity in his Administration couldn’t look worse….

March 17th, by the way, happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.  So, we can all understand how Kasich could confuse the two, right?  Right?Kasich Idiot

[UPDATE:] The link above takes you to a new resolution signed on January 17, 2010 (the erroneous one was dated January 12, 2010 was taken down this morning and replaced with a “corrected” one).  The “corrected” resolution still says that Dr. King helped “break down the barriers of racial and economic justice,” though.