We spend a fair amount of time here at Plunderbund critizing the press and that criticism usually falls on the editorial boards and opinion writers of the Cleveland, Cincy and Columbus papers.

So when I read two really good opinion pieces in today’s Plain Dealer it made me completely forget about all of the trash I read in the Dispatch and I thought maybe I’d take a minute to say something positive for a change.

The first piece was by Connie Schultz and it deals with a topic we’ve spent the past two weeks exhaustively covering: the excessive and selfish difference in salaries between John Kasich’s lowest and highest paid staffers.

Connie took our numerical analysis of Kasich’s staff salaries and personalized it in a way that readers could connect with. She starts off the piece by talking about the important and often difficult job of an administrative assistant in her own office (Sue) and she slides that story effectively into the main point of the piece…

Sue schedules meetings and then herds all the stray cats in this joint to make sure we’re there on time. For 24 years, she’s organized potlucks, bowling parties, celebratory receptions and farewell lunches. She is usually the first person in the department to recognize a problem with morale, or a personal struggle that most of us shrugged off as just a co-worker’s bad mood.

The loyal friend in me says there’s only one Sue in the whole world, and in many ways that’s true. But when it comes to how she does her job, there are women like Sue in offices across America. Including the inner sanctum of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has decided to slash the wages of women like Sue while granting breathtaking increases to top-ranking officials in his administration.

What I want to know is how the governor, who regularly boasts about his humble roots and has vowed to make state government more efficient, thinks it’s even humane, let alone just, to cut the wages of his lowest earners who keep the whole place from sinking into a bureaucratic abyss.

To be fair, my appreciation of Connie Schultz’s writing shouldn’t be too surprising. But what I am going to say next should.

In addition to the Schultz piece, the PD ran a really good piece by its own editorial board today!

You heard me correctly.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Editorial Board published a very informative piece that dealt with actual facts and was not conservatively biased.

Kudos to the PD.

The topic of the piece was, again, something we’ve been covering non-stop here at Plunderbund: the complete lack of diversity in Kasich’s cabinet. But the approach was very different and, like Connie’s piece, covered the topic in a way that the PD editors’ normal readers would actually find engaging and convincing.

The PD editors argue that diversity isn’t just some silly liberal idea created to appease minority Democratic voters, it’s actually a valuable tool used in both the business world and in the military…

Ohioans have to wonder just how widely Kasich and his transition team cast their nets to reel in the catch they did. The last Ohio governor with an all-white Cabinet was Mike DiSalle; he left office in 1963, when Kasich was 10 years old.

Today, enlightened businesses and the U.S. military push their personnel officers to find candidates who reflect the robust racial, ethnic and gender mix of modern-day America. They understand that a workplace — from top to bottom — that includes people of many different backgrounds and experiences is a lot more likely to come up with the kind of creative, break-the-mold thinking that Kasich promised Ohio when he ran for governor.

Kasich quite correctly says that he wants the world to know that Ohio is open for business. But surrounding himself with department heads who don’t even look like Ohio — where the Census Bureau estimates that 15 percent of the population is nonwhite — let alone the United States or the global marketplace, has to make that a harder sell.

Again, Kudos to the PD for running two good opinion pieces in one weekend. Keep it up!