From the daily archives: Sunday, January 16, 2011

We spend a fair amount of time here at Plunderbund critizing the press and that criticism usually falls on the editorial boards and opinion writers of the Cleveland, Cincy and Columbus papers.

So when I read two really good opinion pieces in today’s Plain Dealer it made me completely forget about all of the trash I read in the Dispatch and I thought maybe I’d take a minute to say something positive for a change.

The first piece was by Connie Schultz and it deals with a topic we’ve spent the past two weeks exhaustively covering: the excessive […]

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Rob Nichols is John Kasich’s Press Secretary.

Prior to working for Kasich, Nichols spent years and years and years working for Representative Deb Pryce. 18 years to be exact. Nearly two decades as a government employee. 100% paid by the taxpayers.

You may also remember Rob from a post we did last week about his salary (compared to Governor Strickland’s press Secretary) going up $20k.

I searched through the Plunderbund archives but was unable to come up with a stock photo of Mr. Nichols. I’ll keep looking, but until I find one I’m going to use this one*. […]

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