It’s absolutely not fair to compare the speaking skills of John Kasich to President Obama.

But I’m going to do it anyway…

The President gave one of his best speeches in months.

Kasich rambled on (ht Marc Kovac) about budgets and transformation and transportation and concrete and “that kid” and “that lady” and breaths of air left in the mine.

There’s a reason people hire speech writers, Mr. Kasich.

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  • cbusdem

    The funny thing is, he thinks he’s being really inspirational. This man really needs a speech writer!

  • Roldo Bartimole

    He simply lacks the ability for empathy. He waves hands, gestures but there is no inspiration to his talk because he is not inspired.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I just read the article from the Toledo Blade where he went the Auto people — he says and I quote
    “He( Kasich) added: “I was inaugurated two days ago, and when I’m up here, it impresses them. We should have an inauguration every week so I can show up a couple days after it.”
    are you kidding me , “impresses “whom? I cant imagine the auto industry being impressed with a governor.They may want to be friends with him though –he pays good. ( and with benefits )

  • Leberly

    He tells the truth founded on realities demands.

  • Dawnannr

    There is no way that this Governor has the grace to ever get to the White House. Sorry! That is just a cold hard fact. He looked so spastic attempting to give that speech. I did better on my first day at Toastmasters.

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