Modern wrote a great piece last week countering John Kasich’s claim that he needs to pay higher salaries to his staff because they all have oportunites to make more money in the private sector…

the people Kasich is paying these ridiculous salaries aren’t coming from the private sector. They’re people who were already part of Team Kasich and have a history of public service that suggest they have little interest in serving in the private sector.

With a more recent version of his payroll being released yesterday we thought we’d review the extensive private sector experience Kasich has collected in the Governor’s office. (hint: None of them any)

Scott Milburn American Forest & Paper Association, APCO Public Relations, OMB, US Senate
Diane Brey Attorney General, Judiciary
Sharon Maynard Auditor’s Office
Mark Hamlin Auditor’s Office, AG’s Office, Ohio House
Steve Faulkner Auditor’s Office, Ohio House of Reps
Traci Orahood DAS
Ann Brubaker Hotel Marketing Association
Mike Hartley Kasich for Ohio
Ben Kaiser Kasich for Ohio
Ben Kanzeg Kasich for Ohio
Dave Luketic Kasich for Ohio, Cuyahoga County Bd of Elections, Cuyahoga County GOP
Mona Reed Kasich for Ohio, DAS (retired)
Jeff Polesovksy Kasich for Ohio, private practice (campaign lit, website design), Recharge Ohio PAC
Jai Chabria Kasich for Ohio, Schottenstein, Lehman/Barclay’s, New Century Project
Mike Hartley Kasich for Ohio, Steve Stivers, Deborah Pryce, US House of Reps
Maggie Toal Kasich of Ohio, Fox Business News (intern)
Holly Davis Morgan Stanley (4 months), Ohio House of Reps
Frank Strigari New Day Ohio, Auditor’s Office
JD Pisula New Day Ohio, Ohio Republican Party and Kasich for Ohio
Connie Wehrkamp NFIB
Matt Carle Ohio College Access Network, various GOP campaigns
Blair Cathcart Ohio Republican Party
Mike Grodhaus private practice, formerly AG’s office and Auditor’s office
John Wickham Rep Austria
Wayne Struble Rep Austria, Rep Hobson
Beth Hansen Senator Voinovich
Lynn Stevens Senator Voinovich
Shane Ellett Springfield Church of Christ, Carmax
Mindy McLaughlin US Dept of State, White House, Bush-Cheney 2004
Rob Nichols US House of Reps, Rep. Pryce
Eric Hinten US Senate, Mike Dewine
Brad Reynolds various associations, formerly legislative at DAS (under Taft), Governor Taft’s office

It’s no wonder Kasich and his team think businesses are the answer to everything: none of them have ever worked for one!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Wasnt Kasich suppose to release the names of all the folks who applied for jobs with his administration? Some of those people may be “real working” people.They may have also been the brightest of the best he claims hes looking for– and maybe would work cheaper than “the Kasich Kashers”

  • Guest

    Looks like a lot of politicians on this list too…

    – Barack Obama – community organizer, lawyer and politician

    – Vice President of the United States: Joseph R. Biden – lawyer and politician

    – Department of State: Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton – lawyer, first lady and politician

    – Department of the Treasury: Secretary Timothy F. Geithner – 3 years working for Kissinger Associates (Henry Kissinger) and then the rest in government

    – Department of Defense: Secretary Robert M. Gates – armed forces and CIA

    – Department of Justice: Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. – lawyer, DA, etc_

    – Department of the Interior: Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar – lawyer, political; staffer and politician

    – Department of Agriculture: Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack – politician

    – Department of Commerce: Secretary Gary F. Locke lawyer and politician

    – Department of Labor: Secretary Hilda L. Solis – political staffer, public service and politician

    – Department of Health and Human Services: Secretary Kathleen Sebelius – lobbyist and politician

    – Department of Housing and Urban Development: Secretary Shaun L.S. Donovan – public service & politics

    – Department of Transportation: Secretary Ray LaHood – teacher, public service and politician, political staffer

    – Department of Energy: Secretary Steven Chu – researcher, nobel laureate and professor

    – Department of Education: Secretary Arne Duncan – educational advocate and administrator

    – Department of Veterans Affairs: Secretary Eric K. Shinseki – military

    – Department of Homeland Security: Secretary Janet A. Napolitano – lawyer/politician

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  • You missed the point Mr/Ms “guest”.

    I don’t have a problem hiring people with experience in the public sector. It’s quite valuable actually. And I think it’s very beneficial for the Governor to surround himself with people who actually know how state government works since he seems to have no clue whatsoever.

    But Kasich ran for office on a promise to bring private sector experience to the Governor’s office. And he explained that his huge pay increases were necessary to “call people to service” from the private sector.

    The problem is: none of the people he hired have ever worked in the private sector!

  • Guest2

    I get the criticism, but isn’t it wrong to say none of them have ever worked in the private sector? I saw a few law firms and companies on your list.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, there are a couple who at one time had a job outside of Government, but for the most part, even those most recently worked on the campaign. So to suggest that they had to dig deep into taxpayer coffers and extend people huge increases over what they had been making in order to “lure” them and their vast private sector experience to public service is highly disingenuous.

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  • fairplay

    Saying “none of them have EVER worked for one” is not evident from what you show.
    Seems like grandstanding.

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