Joe Hallett, Senior Editor at the Columbus Dispatch and the individual in charge of their political reporting, can be an opinionated man. He has expressed a wide range of opinions, for example,  regarding our new governor. Back in November, you might remember, there was Triumphant:

Kasich has the guts to do what he believes must be done. It is well past time that a governor take on Ohio’s bloated education bureaucracy and its reform-stifling teachers unions. Kasich will do so.

It is well past time that a governor demand that local governments, including school districts, start consolidating and sharing the costs of services. Kasich will do so.

It is well past time that a governor dial back corporate welfare by stopping tax breaks to any company that even hints at creating a job. Kasich tried to do so in Congress and should do so as governor.

And even though Strickland made progress, it is well past time that a governor say no to nursing homes, which gobble up nearly half of Ohio’s long-term-care budget. Kasich will do so.

That was back when he remembered Ted Strickland’s name and would use it while expressing how much better he thought Kasich would be. Nowadays, he’s only looking to the future while Fawning:

Ohio now has the leader it needs in a time of peril.

Of course, even though we should be confident that Kasich will do all the wonderful bold things that Hallett has promised he will do, we should remember that some predictions are much more valid than others, and when you’re writing for a “blog,” you’re allowed to be Snarky:

Four days in office, Kasich has yet to cut vital programs, give huge tax cuts to the wealthy, or use tax dollars to reward top donors. But a favorite tactic of both parties is to scare people into giving them money.

Of course, when making bold predictions, it’s always best to hedge your bets. Success may seem inevitable, but what if something goes wrong? It may be prudent to try some pre-emptive scapegoating

Ultimately, how to handle the budget is your decision. Kasich inaugurated you.

“I am only a public servant, a public servant,” he said. “I report to the people. I report to you, the people.”

So, to sum up the wit and wisdom of Joe Hallett, arbiter of all that is objective and fair in political journalism: Kasich is a bold leader, unless he is simply a servant, who we have known will do great things since well before the inauguration, but will not do any negative things, because he hasn’t yet.

Long live the liberal bias.

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