“It’s overwhelmingly clear that the balance of power between Ohio’s taxpayers and the people who are their employees needs to be rebalanced to give taxpayers some relief.”—Gov. Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols

[Source: Today’s Dayton Daily News]

This coming from a guy who is getting paid substantially more than his predecessor did.  More than what he was paid for during the campaign, and more money he made doing the same job for Congresswoman Deborah Pryce just a few years ago.

Seriously, Nichols, take a pay cut.  Then let’s talk.

As one commenter noted, Kasich’s claims about his staff budget are already unrealistic because there’s no budget for the staff of the new CSI office that Kasich created in his first, and only, executive order so far.

I’m thinking the Democrats during the budget should introducing an amendment capping all salaries in the Executive branch to their 2010 levels for similar positions.  What do you think?