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Modern wrote a great piece last week countering John Kasich’s claim that he needs to pay higher salaries to his staff because they all have oportunites to make more money in the private sector…

the people Kasich is paying these ridiculous salaries aren’t coming from the private sector. They’re people who were already part of Team Kasich and have a history of public service that suggest they have little interest in serving in the private sector.

With a more recent version of his payroll being released yesterday we thought we’d review the extensive private sector experience Kasich has […]

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“It’s overwhelmingly clear that the balance of power between Ohio’s taxpayers and the people who are their employees needs to be rebalanced to give taxpayers some relief.”—Gov. Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols

[Source: Today’s Dayton Daily News]

This coming from a guy who is getting paid substantially more than his predecessor did.  More than what he was paid for during the campaign, and more money he made doing the same job for Congresswoman Deborah Pryce just a few years ago.

Seriously, Nichols, take a pay cut.  Then let’s talk.

As one commenter noted, Kasich’s claims about his […]

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Joe Hallett, Senior Editor at the Columbus Dispatch and the individual in charge of their political reporting, can be an opinionated man. He has expressed a wide range of opinions, for example,  regarding our new governor. Back in November, you might remember, there was Triumphant:

Kasich has the guts to do what he believes must be done. It is well past time that a governor take on Ohio’s bloated education bureaucracy and its reform-stifling teachers unions. Kasich will do so.

It is well past time that a governor demand that local governments, including school districts, start consolidating and sharing […]

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Governor Kasich has made it perfectly clear that he will not raise taxes to deal with the State’s projected budget deficit created now that there is no more stimulus money to aid the States during the recession.

But yesterday in the Dispatch, Gov. Kasich made another claim:

But Kasich has said that shouldn’t mean simply slashing spending, especially for services for the state’s neediest residents. Passing a budget will entail restructuring and telling special-interest groups "no," Kasich told legislators.

Guys, there’s only one way to balance a budget with a projected $8 billion deficit without raising taxes and […]

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