During the campaign John Kasich made a huge deal about cutting governement spending and he vowed to address “the problem” of state employees earning too much money, getting too many benefits and generally abusing the system.

One of the topics that always comes up in any discussion about reigning in public employee compensation is double-dipping i.e. retiring from a government job with a pension and then getting hired back receiving both a salary and a pension.

According to John Kasich double dipping ÔÇťabsolutely has to be reviewed”.

One would assume that the new Governor would start by addressing the double dipping issue head on by reviewing the pensions and salaries of his own appointees and office staff.

We already knew Kasich wasn’t concerned about this issue when he chose his cabinet: Tom Charles and probably a number of other cabinet members are double dipping.

But it looks like he’s completely ignored the issue with his office staff as well. As a matter of fact, the person responsible for Human Resources in his office, the person who we’d expect to the first line of defense against the Governor’s office hiring double dipping staff, is herself receiving a pension in addition to her highly increased salary.

Last January Mona Reed retired from DAS at $46K/yr and is, as we understand it, now receiving a pension from the State. After retiring she volunteered for Kasich’s campaign and was given a paid position working on the transition.

She has now been officially hired back to work in HR in the Gov’s office making a salary of $64K/yr. That’s double dipping – with a raise to boot.

Now I’m not going to take a stand on the practice of double dipping here. It certainly isn’t illegal. But when the new Governor goes off on a rant about all of the sacrifices that need be made by our overpaid and lazy public employees to keep them from abusing the system – try to remember that some of the worst offenders are working in Kasich’s cabinet and on his staff.