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John Kasich released a new version of his staff budget tonight and when I say “new version” I mean “new” compared to the old version that Plunderbund posted last week. The Kasich team would like you to believe this is the first version of the budget and that they released it because they are greatly concerned about openness and transparency.

The fact is: they were forced to release this document in response to our post last week.

The big story of today is not that Kasich is keeping his staff salary and the staff count under that of Strickland’s. […]

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Florida privatized economic development efforts. It didn’t turn out so well. John Kasich’s plan means Ohio would be copying off of… MICHIGAN?!? Nevada’s tried Kasich’s business leaders economic development council idea… how’d that work out? “Sh!t My John Kasich Says”- Moving at the Speed of Business (on Indiana) “Can CEOs lure business to Ohio?” [Associated Press, Oct. 11, 2010]

Surprisingly, a D.C. think tank recently concluded a study into the performance of State Economic Development Agencies similar to the JobsOhio plan that Governor Kasich wishes to implement.  […]

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Sarah Palin is right.  If anyone has been harmed the most in the Arizona shooting spree it’s clearly her and it’s about time America laments her suffering.  But that aside, Sarah Palin is right to say she’s not to blame for the tragedy of the Arizona shooting.  But on the flip side, does that mere fact make Palin’s inflammatory, violence-tinged partisan rhetoric any less reckless?

Is the lack of causation enough to make Palin’s bull’s-eye political “lock and reload” rhetoric beyond condemnation, or by her, introspection?  To put it another way, is driving drunk with a blindfold over […]

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Deep Thoughts

On January 12, 2011 By

Why is it that when people espouse “personal responsibility”, it’s virtually always in an attempt to deflect responsibility away from themselves? Wouldn’t “personal responsibility” really mean recognizing the consequences of your own actions, and owning those things? Doing so doesn’t absolve anyone else from their own areas of responsibility.

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During the campaign John Kasich made a huge deal about cutting governement spending and he vowed to address “the problem” of state employees earning too much money, getting too many benefits and generally abusing the system.

One of the topics that always comes up in any discussion about reigning in public employee compensation is double-dipping i.e. retiring from a government job with a pension and then getting hired back receiving both a salary and a pension.

According to John Kasich double dipping “absolutely has to be reviewed”.

One would assume that the new Governor would start by addressing the […]

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