From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The House GOP introduced its list of priority legislation for the 129th general assembly today, and included among them are a number of tax proposals that will ultimately impact – and may be amended into – the upcoming state budget. The elimination of the estate tax is receiving all the attention, given its cost of $120 million over the biennium and substantial hit to local governments (who will likely raise other taxes to make up the difference).

But while reporters were focused on this shiny object, they seem to have missed the much more costly proposals that were also part […]

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After the State Senate broke from long-held bipartisan precedent and instead rejected, wholesale, nearly 80 Strickland appointments for no other reason that seemingly to clear the decks for Kasich, Strickland made a second round of appointments before the last Senate adjourned.  Today, the State Senate of the new General Assembly wholesale rejected those nominees claiming that there were made after the State Senate adjourned and thus subject to the Senate’s confirmation vote under the Ohio Constitution.

Today, the State Senate rejected Strickland’s replacement appointments for several boards and commissions, including the Ohio Ethics Commission and the Ohio Board of Education.  […]

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Today’s Columbus Dispatch editorial “Labor Pains” is a prime example of false equivalencies.

Leaders recognize that their states no longer can afford the rich benefits that union workers enjoy. Tuned-in politicians also grasp that taxpayers, many of whom don’t have comparable salaries, benefits or job-security, won’t long stand for footing the bill.

While Republicans are most likely to take on the issue, some Democratic governors also are calling for concessions from unions, despite the political support traditionally derived from organized labor. New York’s Andrew Cuomo is expected to seek a one-year salary freeze for state employees in a […]

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Back in November, a day after being elected Governor, John Kasich announced that Beth Hansen, Tim Keen and Wayne Struble would be taking on the roles of Chief of Staff, Director of the Office of Budget and Management and Director of Policy respectively. At the time, Hansen and Struble both worked on the Kasich campaign and Keen was working as a senior policy adviser to Mary Taylor in the Auditor’s office.

Dispatch stories from that day show the Governor indicating that this team, along with Ben Kanzeg from his campaign, would begin working on the transition immediately.


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