Over the weekend, Governor Kasich announced that term-limited State Senator David Goodman to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

This was the Cabinet pick we, and several other media outlets, were reporting as the likely Cabinet agency Lt. Governor Mary Taylor would be picked to run.

It now appears that Mary Taylor will not continue to the tradition of past Lt. Governors by heading a Cabinet agency.  While it’s expected that within hours Gov. Kasich will sign an executive order making Taylor the point person for the Administration for regulatory reform, there has not appeared to be much else expected of her to do as Lt. Governor.

Which is why Jim Heath at ONN tweeted:

GOP consultant tells me they are 90% sure Mary Taylor will seek senate seat against Brown in ’12.

Taylor, you might recall, briefly flirted with running for the U.S. Senate against Rob Portman.  She got picked to run as Lt. Governor instead and the Ohio GOP then urged Tom Ganley to run for Congress instead in a series of moves (not all of which were the ORP’s plan…. they wanted Taylor to run for re-election in her Apportionment Board seat) to clear the field for Rob Portman.

Now, on day one of a new gubernatorial administration, Taylor is given a political popular, high visibility project to work on that will not be labor or time consuming, thus freeing her up to travel the State, raise her profile, and raise money to run against Sherrod Brown in two years.

Yep, we haven’t even had the inaugural ball, and already the GOP is angling for the next election cycle already…

[UPDATE:]  Kasich throws a wrench in it by waiting to the day of the inauguration to announce that Taylor will be in charge of the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Odd agency for her to be going to.  Even more odd that they waited this long to announce this.

[UPDATE II:]  Ahh, it’s making more sense now.  Kasich just signed an executive order he titled the Common Sense Initiative (which is almost exactly what Governor Strickland called his Executive Order on regulatory reform) except this one mandates that the Departments of Commerce, Insurance, and Development work together to “cut unnecessary regulations” that keep businesses from growing in Ohio.

Yep, the Governor from Lehman Brothers’ first official act is to start deregulating the financial services industry.

  • Mean Ol’ Meanie

    Oh, Mary, to think that four short years ago nobody knew who you were! You must be amazingly talented; yet, I know not what you do. Your swift ascension reminds me of this Oscar Wilde-ism: “Ambition is the last reguge of failure.”

  • Anastasjoy

    I’m going on record as saying that I think this wildly misogynist, wildly ambitious bunch of rich white guys isn’t going to let a lazy mediocrity like Mary Taylor anywhere near this plum. They will reserve it for a lazy, mediocre (but very ambitious) white man. I think with their recent electoral success, you are going to see many of them get hungry for the power and prestige of this gig, and Taylor will be pushed to the back burner. In fact, this is what this appointment smells like to me. I don’t believe anyone in the Ohio Republican Party is angling to position Mary Taylor to move up. I was made familiar not too long ago with the story of how they shunted up-and-comer Maureen O’Connor out of politics and onto the Supreme Court bench so she wasn’t competing with the boys. Both parties have issues with women. While it may appear the GOP advances them more, they basically use them as “pretty faces” (OK, so Betty Montgomery isn’t that pretty) but they don’t go anywhere.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Wonder if Sarah- oh sorry -I mean Mary will cry fowl before to long
    amazing isnt it they call government employees lazy and living off tax payers
    and shes gonna do what? nothing! and will be employed by the state and paid by whom
    looks like just another state worker ( said sarcastically )
    is this a trend ? could spell Mary — S-a-r-a-h

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    opps sorry meant foul not fowl– lol

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