So we’ve established that either nobody showed up for work at the Governor’s office today, or they don’t know how to use a phone. Let’s move on to more serious consequences of the way Team Kasich has been handling the transfer of power

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the entire staff of the Ohio Film Office, a division within the Ohio Department of Development that awards tax credits to movie productions planned in Ohio, was let go. Not a single staffer was kept on for any continuity. From an email from now-former Director Jeremy Henthorn to the newspaper:

“I have been informed that due to the administration transition, myself and the staff of the Ohio Film Office will no longer be needed. Because of this, I and Ohio Film Office Production Coordinator Jason Kovak have tendered our resignations effective January 7th. I am not aware of what this means for the future of the Ohio Film Office, but I can say that the Motion Picture Tax Credit is still active with available funds and all approved and outstanding credits will remain active.”

According to the Plain Dealer, this leaves four other film projects in the lurch – with no continuity between outgoing and incoming office staff, will all the work that has been done so far on evaluating the applications be lost? Will the new staff even know where to find the old applications on the file servers at Development? Do they expect producers to reapply? Do they even intend to continue offering the tax credit?

In their zeal to toss out everyone from the Strickland era, the Kasich folks seem to have forgotten their rhetoric about being a business-friendly administration focused on job creation.

  • Anonymous

    You’d think he’d at least retain them on an interim basis until the replacements were ready to be made. Remember that the Plain Dealer attacked Ted Strickland over the film tax credit issue:

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    naw– the funds are probably gone –wonder whos salary that was rolled into
    or perhaps the funds can be used in a documentary
    ” How to run a govenment with tricks, mirrors and lights.”

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    these folks dont seem to be about wait and see whos qualified —
    do you think he owes any favors to anyone in the film industry?

  • JamesRenner

    The Ohio Film Office became kind of a joke after Christina Grozik left. No drive. No ambition. It was just an extension of Lee Fisher’s DOED. And it became beholden to the Cleveland Film Commission, which is directed from afar by the Ratners self-interest. Very inside baseball. But we’re not losing anything. Still, I hope Kasich finds someone to place instead of letting it quietly disappear.

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  • Anonymous

    True enough. The Cleveland Film Commission pushed for two years to get a film tax credit, and once they did, expected to reap the rewards for their projects. And film tax credits are horrible tax policy. But throwing out everyone who knows anything so you can reward some campaign supporters with jobs enabling them to rub shoulders with Hollywood types while applicants are left hanging in the wind also seems like a terrible way to run a pro-business government.

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