You can see the executive order for all its glory at the Governor’s website.

It goes on for five pages, but it mostly does only two things:

1) Continues some of Governor Strickland’s executive order called Common Sense Initiative that the Kasich campaign called inadequate.

2) Appoint Mary Taylor to a newly created office to figure out what a small business is and ways for the Administration to claim that Strickland’s initiative had failed to adequately remove regulations that unfairly hindered small businesses in Ohio.

Basically Kasich is saying, “we going to continue to do what the last guy did which I criticized him for doing until we can find something we can say it failed to take care of.”

What did John Kasich used to say about executive orders and regulatory reform?

Kasich said he is not impressed by executive orders.

"I’m sorry, but talk is cheap,” Kasich said. "And executive orders don’t fix things." [Source: Cincinnati EnquirerJohn Kasich: ‘Tell me how I’m doin’?’”;  9/23/10]

Funny how things can change after an election, no?

Strickland’s executive order created a task force review of all of Ohio’s regulations, resulting in the elimination of hundreds of regulations that had been on the books during the prior Republican Administration and the modification of half of all regulations by the State.

Kasich just repeated the exact same process, except with Mary Taylor in charge.

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