With the transition of power complete, Kasich and his team now begin the task of running the State of Ohio. Strickland’s staff were told not to report to work today, so the Kasich folks are presumed to be running the show. Interesting, then, that on the payroll roster we shared last week, no one has yet been hired to answer the phones.

Two $30,000 a year positions for Constituent Liaisons have been budgeted, but remain unfilled. These are the folks who answer 100s of phone calls from Ohioans looking for help dealing with state government, requesting information on the Governor’s policies, expressing support or opposition to the Governor’s policies, requesting proclamations from the Governor, requesting the Governor’s presence at events and funerals, the lowering of state flags, and countless other official requests of the Governor’s office.

Another budgeted, but as yet unfilled position is for a receptionist making $33,280/year. So we’re not really sure who is going to be answering calls to the Governor’s office today.

Curiously, the Kasich folks also scheduled their ceremonial inauguration during state working hours for today at noon at the Ohio Theatre. But we’re sure they will leave plenty of staff back in the office to serve the constituents of Ohio, right?

Not that they’re making it easy for constituents to reach them. The new website for Governor Kasich doesn’t provide a phone number at all, contrary to state policy (see section 5.2) which requires all state agencies to have a Contact Us page on their website containing accurate phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses for their office.

Perhaps everyone should give them a call at (614) 466-3555 to find out and report back. Tell your friends!

For the record, here’s Kasich’s new home page – note there is no Contact Us page and no link for constituent assistance. And the Media Inquiries link takes you to a generic form for sending info to the Governor’s office but lacks any phone number of email address or even name of who you should be contacting.

And here’s Governor Strickland’s Contact Us page complete with names and email addresses and phone numbers: