Last week we told you about Kasich’s staff, full of bloated salaries given to life-long government workers who, according to Kasich, had to be paid ridiculous amounts of money to keep them from fleeing to the private sector.

In response, Governor-elect Kasich said not to believe everything you read and that his overall budget for the office would be smaller than that of Strickland’s.

We didn’t really buy it then, and we’re already seeing evidence that it was an empty promise that wouldn’t be kept.

On Friday, the incoming Governor announced additional staff appointments, including naming of Tracy Inithar as Cabinet Secretary, a position that wasn’t even budgeted on the proposed staff roster we obtained on Wednesday. In other words, it only took them two days to realize they needed to hire more people.

Wait until they find out they don’t have enough constituent aides or lawyers. And how long do you really think John Kasich can go without hiring a professional speech writer?

We fully expected Kasich’s staff budget to blow Strickland’s out of the water, we just didn’t realize it would expand before the guy was even sworn in.

  • Anonymous

    Geez, even we didn’t think Kasich would actual file a budget showing his expenses growing the DAY AFTER our story appeared. Ballsy. Note the promised explanation today apparently never came.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I thought we were broke — no this would not get us out of budget crisis ( if he gave no big boosts to salaries )but thats not the point.The point is he ran on saving money– I fail to understand how bigger salaries saves money.
    Heres what I dont get–isnt the formula that you cant spend money you dont have — thats how you get into budget trouble right? so if I am working paying my taxes and etc ,have gotton no raises in 5 years– how am I costing the state money?what did they do with the money they had — I never saw any of it. BUT yet we are in a hole and hes giving his pals more money than even Strickland made in 2010. according to SunshineReview– Strickland made $144,269 even the cheif justice made more than Strickland $150,850. sec of state ,attorney gen, and treasure all made the same $109,554.So who exactly said he could pay this money to these people?Everyones salary can be requested — its all public knowledge ( well for now it is this may change with Kasich and be secret )its amazing to me that the people who complain about spending in this state arent asking any questions of this man.I guess only the democrats have to be “accountable”
    just for the record I blame both parties for the shape this state is in –both could have made better decisions

  • Anonymous

    If the attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer all make less than $110,000 a year, and we elected these people, then I think all the unelected staff people should make less. These are not high-skill jobs like engineers, doctors, and research scientists. They are mostly jobs any reasonably well-organized, competent officer manager could do. Tens of thousands of such jobs have been cut in the last decade so Kasich could easily find a pool of extraordinarily well-qualified people willing to work for $80,000 or $90,000 a year. At a time when he is threatening to slash wages of rank-and-file state workers, he needs to do this to set an example. If Beth Hanson won’t work for $100,000 a year, he needs to hire someone else — and I am sure there are much more capable people than her in Ohio — to do the job.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    well there was suppose to be that job site where you could apply for job with him ,remember?
    Only trouble is not a one of the appointees will appear there.
    It will just make me aggrivated– you know people didnt ask for those outrageous salaries hes given out.( be more in line with what you have written down in your post)
    But didnt we always know he cares nothing for Ohio and its people. If he did he would put these people to work — those who have lost their jobs and are qualified as you say.
    I will probably be next to be unemployed if his people read in here . 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The Plain Dealer did an article this morning about all the people with Democratic ties that Kasich just swept out unceremoniously, people like Beth Zone, Lee Fisher’s wife’s sister, who is in her early 60s and a sales agent for the lottery. Seriously? You’re going to sweep out a 60 year old woman from a non-policy job without even any kind of job review, because she’s related to a Democratic candidate? Disgusting.

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