Last week we told you about Kasich’s staff, full of bloated salaries given to life-long government workers who, according to Kasich, had to be paid ridiculous amounts of money to keep them from fleeing to the private sector.

In response, Governor-elect Kasich said not to believe everything you read and that his overall budget for the office would be smaller than that of Strickland’s.

We didn’t really buy it then, and we’re already seeing evidence that it was an empty promise that wouldn’t be kept.

On Friday, the incoming Governor announced additional staff appointments, including naming of Tracy Inithar as Cabinet Secretary, a position that wasn’t even budgeted on the proposed staff roster we obtained on Wednesday. In other words, it only took them two days to realize they needed to hire more people.

Wait until they find out they don’t have enough constituent aides or lawyers. And how long do you really think John Kasich can go without hiring a professional speech writer?

We fully expected Kasich’s staff budget to blow Strickland’s out of the water, we just didn’t realize it would expand before the guy was even sworn in.