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It’s been a disastrous two days for Ohio’s state government websites. And while John Kasich is busy dancing and drinking and avoiding the press, it’s just getting worse.

I just received this screen shot from a Plunderbund reader who has been trying to access Ohio’s Unemployment Benefits website for over an hour…

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First, the only encouraging signs out of the entire Tobaccogate nonsense came entirely unexpected today.  The Columbus Dispatch has been in the pocket of Thomas Charles and the other Tobaccogate players that tried to inflate a tobacco smuggling operation by inmates working at the Governor’s Mansion into a ridiculous “conspiracy” theory that alleged, but could never prove, actual criminal conduct involving drugs, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the new Ohio Inspector General, Randy Myer, who worked as an investigator in former State Auditor Mary Taylor’s office, has informed “at least half” […]

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Last week we told you about Kasich’s staff, full of bloated salaries given to life-long government workers who, according to Kasich, had to be paid ridiculous amounts of money to keep them from fleeing to the private sector.

In response, Governor-elect Kasich said not to believe everything you read and that his overall budget for the office would be smaller than that of Strickland’s.

We didn’t really buy it then, and we’re already seeing evidence that it was an empty promise that wouldn’t be kept.

On Friday, the incoming Governor announced additional staff appointments, including […]

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So we’ve established that either nobody showed up for work at the Governor’s office today, or they don’t know how to use a phone. Let’s move on to more serious consequences of the way Team Kasich has been handling the transfer of power

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the entire staff of the Ohio Film Office, a division within the Ohio Department of Development that awards tax credits to movie productions planned in Ohio, was let go. Not a single staffer was kept on for any continuity. From an email from now-former Director Jeremy Henthorn to the newspaper:


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Kasich today during his inauguration speech:

“We must rebuild our great cities in Ohio.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“House GOP will unveil plans to repeal state’s estate tax”

Ohio House Republicans on Tuesday will officially begin their quest to repeal the estate tax, following through on a promise — supported by Gov. John Kasich — to get rid of the state tax.

The House GOP scheduled a news conference to unveil legislation related to the estate tax, which is levied on the net value of an estate before its assets are transferred to anyone else.

About 80 percent […]

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Earlier today we asked if Governor John Kasich’s office was open for business because we could find no email addresses, phone numbers or mailing address information anywhere on the new governor’s website.

It turns out the answer is no.

Calls to the Governor’s office are immediately sent to voicemail…


A New Day, A New Way indeed.

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You can see the executive order for all its glory at the Governor’s website.

It goes on for five pages, but it mostly does only two things:

1) Continues some of Governor Strickland’s executive order called Common Sense Initiative that the Kasich campaign called inadequate.

2) Appoint Mary Taylor to a newly created office to figure out what a small business is and ways for the Administration to claim that Strickland’s initiative had failed to adequately remove regulations that unfairly hindered small businesses in Ohio.

Basically Kasich is saying, “we going to continue to do what the last […]

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Over the weekend, Governor Kasich announced that term-limited State Senator David Goodman to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

This was the Cabinet pick we, and several other media outlets, were reporting as the likely Cabinet agency Lt. Governor Mary Taylor would be picked to run.

It now appears that Mary Taylor will not continue to the tradition of past Lt. Governors by heading a Cabinet agency.  While it’s expected that within hours Gov. Kasich will sign an executive order making Taylor the point person for the Administration for regulatory reform, there has not appeared to be much else expected of […]

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With the transition of power complete, Kasich and his team now begin the task of running the State of Ohio. Strickland’s staff were told not to report to work today, so the Kasich folks are presumed to be running the show. Interesting, then, that on the payroll roster we shared last week, no one has yet been hired to answer the phones.

Two $30,000 a year positions for Constituent Liaisons have been budgeted, but remain unfilled. These are the folks who answer 100s of phone calls from Ohioans looking for help dealing with state government, requesting information on the […]

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This time about the cost of his inauguration party.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Kasich Administration is refusing to provide the media with any information about how much their inauguration festivities costs or how much they’ve raised until they’re required by law to file a report with the Ohio Secretary of State detailing such costs.

Incoming governors of New York and California held scaled-down inauguration ceremonies this month.

But not in Ohio, where Gov.-elect John Kasich is celebrating for four days, starting last Friday with a tribute to Lt. Gov.-elect Mary Taylor at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll […]

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May you be a better Governor than you were a Governor-elect…

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