I just went over to the Secretary of State’s website to take a look at some campaign finance data and I was surprised to find myself greeted by Jon Husted’s smiling face.

Unfortunately, in the rush to scrub the site of Jennifer Brunner, Husted’s web team seems to have just randomly replaced images and removed others without replacing them. Here’s a screen shot of the campaign finance page. Notice how the banner doesn’t match the rest of the site, the font used for Jon Husted’s name doesn’t match the rest of the text and all of the images on the left hand side of the screen are missing.

Back in November I asked how long it would take for Husted to replace Jennifer Brunner’s well designed (and very pink) website with something more masculine.

At the time I estimated no longer than 4 weeks. It looks like it was more like 4 hours.

But I guess when your only goal is to change the names and remove anythink pink – when you don’t need to concern yourself with silly things like consistent type faces or broken images or making the rest of the site match the color scheme used on the home page – four hours is probably enough.

For reference purposes, here’s a screen shot of the home page on Brunner’s website:

And here’s Husted’s: