The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that outgoing Governor Ted Strickland signed a five-year lease option to the Lake Erie Energy Development Co. to locate suitable locations for five large, offshore wind turbines.

Strickland has consistently supported the $100 million pilot project as a way to jump-start a new industry in Northeast Ohio. That industry would build turbines for the entire Great Lakes — and create potentially thousands of new industrial jobs, many in companies already here and already building parts for turbines elsewhere.


"I feel strongly about renewable energy and the potential of wind power on Lake Erie," Strickland said in an interview when asked if he was rushing to sign the document to frustrate incoming Gov. John Kasich.

"This is not being rushed. I think this is right for Ohio. And anything I can do while I have the authority vested in me as governor I am going to do. Until the very last minute."

By signing the lease option, Strickland will prevent Kasich from immediately withdrawing state support — if that is in fact his intention.  The article also links to this post of ours during the campaign.

Be sure to read the story for the details on the lease.

If successful, this lease option could lead to the first offshore freshwater wind turbine farm in nation.

Why not, Ohio, indeed…