The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that later today, Governor-elect John Kasich will announce that California venture capitalist Mark Kvamme to run the Ohio Department of Development during the transitioning the agency into Kasich’s privatized JobsOhio plan.

And guess what the Dispatch’s lede was:

For $1, Kasich hires private help to spur job creation

And then buried in the story, the Dispatch gets to our story yesterday:

Meanwhile, Kasich declined to confirm or deny a list of proposed salaries for his incoming staff members that, in some cases, are tens of thousands of dollars higher than the pay for comparable staff members in the Strickland administration.

The draft list was released by the state budget office in response to a public-records request, but Kasich said he would provide the current list of staff members, agency directors and their salaries on Monday after he takes office.

The Service Employees International Union issued a statement saying that Kasich has promised fiscal discipline but is "giving huge pay increases to his top staff while attacking working people and the services they provide."

In response, Kasich said the total pay for all of his staff and his cabinet members would not exceed what is currently being paid.

The Dispatch omitted entirely that Kasich defended the fact that some of his staff may get paid more than their contemporaries in the Strickland Administration by saying its necessary to attract top talent.

Gee, I wonder why they would leave out that detail in a story about a Kasich Cabinet member willing to work for a $1 for five-six months? No word if that will still be his salary once JobsOhio is privatized yet.

The Columbus Dispatch is just a sad pathetic joke.