Tom Charles is appointed to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, despite major conflicts of interest.  Kasich appoints Dubai oil/gas executive and former utility lobbyist David Mustine to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources… despite obvious conflict of interests.

Today, John Kasich nominated California venture capitalist Mark Kvamme to handle the transition of turning the Ohio Department of Development into Kasich’s privatized JobsOhio corporate board.

Kasich’s JobsOhio has been one of Kasich’s most controversial and questionable ideas.  Even his supporters have suggested concerns about transparency and the need to avoid any appearance of cronyism.

In fact, on the day that Kasich first announced JobsOhio, Matt Naugle of Right Ohio tweeted:


Guess what?

Mark Kvamme was a “Senior Internet Strategist” for the Kasich for President ‘00 campaign.  Mark and his wife were major donors to Kasich’s PAC, New Century, which allowed Kasich to keep his former congressional staff on his payroll until he ran for public office again.  Kvamme and his wife donated $25,000 to New Century, and another $2,000 to Kasich presidential campaign (which provided $500k of New Century’s initial money.)

Kvamme and his wife donated $44,790 to the Kasich-Taylor campaign in 2009-2010.

No politician in the country appears to have gotten more money from Kvamme and his wife than Kasich and his related PACs.

Several other members of Kvamme’s company, Sequola, donated to Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign as well:

  • Scott Carter: $2,000.
  • James Goetz: $11,000
  • Michael Goguen: $10,000.
  • Carl Kawaja: $5,000 (not confirmed at Sequola but CA resident who donated at same times as Sequola’s executives.)

In addition, Kasich’s campaign raised another $4,000 from California from another business of Kvamme’s MarkLogic.

Now why would executives at a California venture capital firm be interested in an Ohio candidate for governor promising to privatize the State’s economic development?


Kasich just SOLD his first Cabinet position.   Congratulations, Governor-elect Kasich!

To learn more about Kvamme’s connection to former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld, Kasich’s corporate idol, be sure to check out this post by Brian Rothenberg at ProgressOhio.


Outstanding, so does this mean we have an absentee, out-of-state person heading the Ohio Department of Development?  Great!  Did I not mention that the Columbus Dispatch had advanced notice of this pick but omitted the campaign finance donations from their coverage entirely?

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