From the daily archives: Friday, January 7, 2011

Today, John Kasich said we should trust a venture capitalist from California to be in charge of ushering Ohio’s transition from an Ohio Department of Development to a privatized JobsOhio corporate board.

Okay, so what has this venture capitalists brought us into the past?

Fake car phones in the late 1980s.

Phony Cell Phones

There’s only one demographic that could be so fake and empty of a human soul as to go so far as […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that outgoing Governor Ted Strickland signed a five-year lease option to the Lake Erie Energy Development Co. to locate suitable locations for five large, offshore wind turbines.

Strickland has consistently supported the $100 million pilot project as a way to jump-start a new industry in Northeast Ohio. That industry would build turbines for the entire Great Lakes — and create potentially thousands of new industrial jobs, many in companies already here and already building parts for turbines elsewhere.

"I feel strongly about renewable energy and the potential of wind power on […]

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Last night, Miami University was the first team in the history of NCAA collegiate football to go from double digits losses (won only one game last year) to double digits wins, winning their conference, and bowl game.  And here’s the speech that kicked it off:

Tell me you wish we didn’t have this guy firing us up right before the election.

What’s that?  You don’t care about Miami football?  Well, screw you, I can’t always just write about Ohio politics. 🙂

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Tom Charles is appointed to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, despite major conflicts of interest.  Kasich appoints Dubai oil/gas executive and former utility lobbyist David Mustine to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources… despite obvious conflict of interests.

Today, John Kasich nominated California venture capitalist Mark Kvamme to handle the transition of turning the Ohio Department of Development into Kasich’s privatized JobsOhio corporate board.

Kasich’s JobsOhio has been one of Kasich’s most controversial and questionable ideas.  Even his supporters have suggested concerns about transparency and the need to avoid any appearance of cronyism.

In fact, on the […]

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Yesterday, Governor-elect John Kasich defended setting starting salaries for several close aides higher than their Strickland Administration counterparts by saying this:

"We’re fortunate that we’re getting a lot of good people to come in," he said. "Salary is an issue. There’s a lady standing in the back of the room who’s had two very good offers in the private sector who we would like to have come and work for us. I don’t know that we’ll get her. So what we’re trying to do is call people to service."

The only problem is that the people Kasich is paying these […]

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What, you didn’t think this was just a one-day story, did you?

John Kasich yesterday was asked about our exclusive story on significant raises in high-level Kasich staffers that is radically higher than what their Strickland contemporaries make.

Kasich at first denied that these staffers were going to make more than their Strickland compatriots, and then defended the fact that some were.  Kasich then claimed that his gubernatorial staff would have a smaller payroll “than the current payroll” for the Strickland Administration.

We’ll be detailing the ins and outs of Kasich’s staff budget over the remaining days, but we wanted […]

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Just in case you didn’t see it last night.

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The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that later today, Governor-elect John Kasich will announce that California venture capitalist Mark Kvamme to run the Ohio Department of Development during the transitioning the agency into Kasich’s privatized JobsOhio plan.

And guess what the Dispatch’s lede was:

For $1, Kasich hires private help to spur job creation

And then buried in the story, the Dispatch gets to our story yesterday:

Meanwhile, Kasich declined to confirm or deny a list of proposed salaries for his incoming staff members that, in some cases, are tens of thousands of dollars higher than the pay for […]

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