Kasich IdiotSometimes you see a story come along and you can’t help but notice all the angles. 

Joseph’s MUST READ piece today about Kasich and the salaries for his top staffers is just a story.

Not only does it show Kasich as a total hypocrite on fiscal conservatism, but on other issues as well.  Ever since he was elected, Kasich has been engaging in an open war about how public unions are to blame for the State’s budget.  How overhead for salaries and benefits in the State have gotten out of control, and how they’re out of sync with the private sector.

John Kasich, and most of his staff, are coming in from the private sector.  And one of John Kasich’s first acts as Governor is to set the salaries for his top staff.  Here was a perfect time for Kasich to practice what he preaches.  But yet again, Kasich instead reverts to the “do as I say, not as I do” form of Republican hypocrisy.

Kasich is going to introduce a state budget that is going to require a lot of sacrifice from the middle and working class… in order to pay for tax cuts that are enjoyed more by the richest Ohioans than anyone else.

Living in the Governor’s Mansion?  Kasich can’t be bothered with that.  Better to have the taxpayers fix up his house and pay to watch two residences instead.  Allow the media to witness his swearing in?  Nope, that’s a family affair, why would the public have any expectation to have that reported?

Yet again, the Kasich campaign is the group that can’t shoot straight.  After months of deriding public unions for creating a situation that they claim leads to positions in the public sector paying better than the private sector, Kasich gives his own staff a raise above what Strickland was paying.

And how will Kasich justify this?  He can’t say that’s what’s necessary to keep them from going to the private sector… unless he admits that all that public union bashing was complete utter USDA Grade A horse manure.

Right now there is a prison guard patrolling the yard wondering if he’s going to lose his job or be one of the lucky ones to just see his pay get cut instead.

Jai Chabra doesn’t need binding arbitration to protect his rights as an employee.  That’s the perk of being the Governor’s buddy from Lehman Brothers.  (Lehman Bros. 4 Life!)  But what protection does that prison guard have?  None, if Kasich gets his way.  To Kasich, Jai Chabra is a friend.  That prison guard is part of a number on a ledger.

How is this right?  Morally? Economically? Politically?

“I will make some terrible mistakes, ok?”—Governor-elect John Kasich

That’s the most honest thing he’s told us since the election.