PPP was a pollster the Carpetblogger from Virginia liked to cite quite a bit during the campaign.  Well, today they ranked the favorability ratings of all the new Governors taking office.

John Kasich came in second to last.

Now, you’re probably wondering, who in the hell could have been doing worse than Kasich?

Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott. You know, the former health care executive at the center of the biggest settlement for Medicare fraud ever.

And here’s the sad news for Team Kasich.  Scott’s numbers went UP while Kasich’s went down.  Even worse news for Team Kasich, he’s only polling three points better on favorability than Scott.

The person slightly above Kasich in the ranking is Wisconsin’s new Governor Scott Walker.  These three, Walker, Kasich, and Scott are the only three new governors with favorability ratings that at near or above 50%  according to the PPP.

Now correlation is not always a sign of causation, but these three new Republican Governors have something else in common, too.  Both Walker and Kasich refused federal money for a passenger rail system.  Scott campaigned against it, but has signaled he may be reconsidering…. and he’s the only one whose favorability numbers have gone up.