Earlier today we posted a list of the salaries for Kasich’s staff showing his closest friends and advisors would be getting huge pay increases compared to their counterparts in Strickland’s office.

I only included the people who have been assigned positions in the Governor’s office. But there are another 35 positions that still need to be filled. I’ve included a list of the unfilled positions below along with the expected salary.

It turns out that everyone isn’t getting a pay raise. Especially the people at the low end of the pay scale. The thing that jumps out at me immediately is the mail room staff.

According to the list, Kasich’s people are planning to pay two mail room employees $12.02/hr or $25,000 a year.

Under Strickland these same two mail room employees made $31,990 and $27,997 per year respectively. That’s a 21% DECREASE in pay for the mail room staff. While his Chief of Staff is getting a nearly 30% increase.

John Kasich’s working-class, mailman Dad would be very proud.

Unfillled Positions

  • Anastasjoy

    OK, is this the point where you are SATIRIZING the greed, hypocrisy, and contempt for working people of the Republican Party, and especially John Kasich? Because this CAN’T be true. It’s TOO blatant. If a Democrat did this, he would be resigning this weekend, not getting sworn in.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, no. We’ve compared the records. We COULDN’T make this up if we tried.

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  • Fotogirlcb2002

    well…. I am a little confused here — are these people covered by a contract? are they union workers–IF they are he cant just come in and take their money–((you can only do this if its a management job))
    all contractual jobs have a payrange assigned to them with a salary attached —
    were these people dismissed?

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