Just saw this over Jo Ingles’ (NPR’s Statehouse correspondent) Twitter feed as she is cover Kasich’s latest press conference regarding some additional Cabinet announcements:


We responded:


Next update from Jo Ingles:


[UPDATE:]  Here’s Jo Ingles’ story with public union officials’ reaction to our story.

So, Kasich says the State needs to pay his top staff well to get the best people.Well, guess what, Governor, that same principle applies to:

  • Teachers
  • Construction workers
  • Prison guards
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • University professors and administrators
  • And administrative staff

The need to pay well to get the best people doesn’t end with Jai Chabria on the organizational chart, Governor.

What did we just say Kasich couldn’t say with any credibility?

And how will Kasich justify this?  He can’t say that’s what’s necessary to keep them from going to the private sector… unless he admits that all that public union bashing was complete utter USDA Grade A horse manure.

And yet, that’s precisely what he said in defense.

Kasich Idiot

[UPDATE:] The Dayton Daily News is reporting on our story.

The Associated Press reports on the story and confirms the authenticity of our budget document:

Kasich, a Republican, plans to pay chief of staff Beth Hansen just over $170,000 a year. That’s about $47,000 more per year than Strickland chief of staff John Haseley has made, and about what President Barack Obama plans to pay the new White House chief of staff he named Thursday, veteran political manager William Daley.

Here’s Marc Kovac’s (Ohio Capital Blog) footage.  We were the basis of the first question of today’s presser:

Some quick thoughts.  First, we’re hurt to hear that the Governor-elect doesn’t read us.  Really.  Torn up inside over it.

Second, its’s pretty obvious Kasich doesn’t have the slightest clue what the facts are about his staff’s salaries… he’s just wingin’ it.  He actually has to be corrected that it’s not about his Cabinet, but his staff.

He gives a rambling answer that, frankly, does nothing more than concede he doesn’t know if our report is accurate or not (it is.)  Which is maybe why he should read us.

He first starts out with the proposition that you can’t believe everything you read.  Implying that its ridiculous that a fiscal conservative such as himself would propose something like massively increasing staffers salaries in a budget crunch..  He then goes on to… defend a guy calling himself a fiscal conservative that’s giving his closest aides raises in a budget crunch.  Denies it, and then defends it.  Wow.  How’d this guy get elected, again?

I don’t expect our Governor to know every detail of everything his Administration is doing.  But I would think as a self-professed “fiscal conservative” he would know whether his staff was going to be prepared more than their counterparts in the Strickland Administration.

His defense of the practice negates everything he’s been claiming about public unions since his election, too.

Pretty much, FAIL.