Begun the Tweet Wars have:

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Followed by this response:

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Seems a pretty more precautious than the situation requires.  This is the budget Kasich’s transition office has already submitted to the OBM. Why wait to see if Kasich will change it organically before calling on him to do so?

While I don’t agree ideologically with the Buckeye Institute, I do respect them.  They’re wait and see attitude is more precautious than I’d ordinarily expect from them.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    why is there even a question about this? if this state is so far in the hole how can you possibly say its ok to give such salaries out….
    in this day and time where everyone wants their government ( whether its state ot federal )to be accountable –how can anyone let this go un-noticed–the pretense of giving higher salaries will attrack more qualified people is stupid– these people already have that money — are they gonna give up part of their money to the new comers — somehow I think– NOT!

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