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Earlier today we posted a list of the salaries for Kasich’s staff showing his closest friends and advisors would be getting huge pay increases compared to their counterparts in Strickland’s office.

I only included the people who have been assigned positions in the Governor’s office. But there are another 35 positions that still need to be filled. I’ve included a list of the unfilled positions below along with the expected salary.

It turns out that everyone isn’t getting a pay raise. Especially the people at the low end of the pay scale. The thing that jumps out at […]

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Just came over the GONGWER wire:

Latest State Revenue Figures Point To Year-End Surplus Of $400 Million

Much consternation surrounds the next state budget due mainly to the loss of federal stimulus money, but outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration on Thursday announced what may amount to a lovely parting gift to the incoming governor.

With the latest monthly revenue report showing that tax receipts have again exceeded expectations, the Office of Budget and Management announced that the state ledger is on track for a surplus of $400 million.

"The resources are sufficient to either re-establish the state’s budgetary reserves or […]

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Comment of the day

On January 6, 2011 By

Philgirl asks the Question of the Day on our Kasich staff salary story:

If he isn’t going to live in the residence, why does he need a 70k residence director?

Good question.  We’ll see if someone can get an answer on it.

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PPP was a pollster the Carpetblogger from Virginia liked to cite quite a bit during the campaign.  Well, today they ranked the favorability ratings of all the new Governors taking office.

John Kasich came in second to last.

Now, you’re probably wondering, who in the hell could have been doing worse than Kasich?

Florida Governor Rick Scott. You know, the former health care executive at the center of the biggest settlement for Medicare fraud ever.

And here’s the sad news for Team Kasich.  Scott’s numbers went UP while Kasich’s went down.  Even worse news for Team […]

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Begun the Tweet Wars have:

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Followed by this response:

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Seems a pretty more precautious than the situation requires.  This is the budget Kasich’s transition office has already submitted to the OBM. Why wait to see if Kasich will change it organically before calling on him to do so?

While I don’t agree ideologically with the Buckeye Institute, I do respect them.  They’re wait and see attitude is more precautious than I’d ordinarily expect from them.

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Just saw this over Jo Ingles’ (NPR’s Statehouse correspondent) Twitter feed as she is cover Kasich’s latest press conference regarding some additional Cabinet announcements:

We responded:

Next update from Jo Ingles:

[UPDATE:]  Here’s Jo Ingles’ story with public union officials’ reaction to our story.

So, Kasich says the State needs to pay his top staff well to get the best people.Well, guess what, Governor, that same principle applies to:

Teachers Construction workers Prison guards Police Firefighters University professors and administrators And administrative staff

The need to pay well to get the […]

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Sometimes you see a story come along and you can’t help but notice all the angles. 

Joseph’s MUST READ piece today about Kasich and the salaries for his top staffers is just a story.

Not only does it show Kasich as a total hypocrite on fiscal conservatism, but on other issues as well.  Ever since he was elected, Kasich has been engaging in an open war about how public unions are to blame for the State’s budget.  How overhead for salaries and benefits in the State have gotten out of control, and how they’re out of sync […]

Full Story... was the organization that was formed, at one time, to try to subject Governor Strickland’s video lottery terminals (VLTs) at horseracing track proposals to voter repeal by referendum.  It is widely believed that it was funded by the backers of the constitutional amendment that mandated casino gambling in Ohio, who feared VLTs would cut into their business.

We don’t know because so far the only donor that LetOhioVote has disclosed is a Virginia-based company called New Models.  Suspecting that New Models was being used as a front to hide the true donors.  Secretary of State Brunner subpoenaed to […]

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John Kasich ran for governor as a fiscal conservative. He promised to cut government spending at every level. Unfortunately, this seems to be his plan for the rest of the government while those closest to him are going to get big pay raises on our dime.

This morning I obtained a copy of the proposed salaries for Kasich’s staff and, compared to the equivalent Strickland staffers, salaries are going WAY up in the Governor’s office.

Strickland’s Communications Director Keith Dailey, for example, currently makes $89,003. While Kasich’s Scott Milburn is getting a bump to $120,000.

Press Secretary Amanda Wurst currently […]

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