As you probably already heard John Kasich has changed his mind again, this time choosing to reverse his earlier decision to bar the press from his swearing in ceremony while severely limiting press access to his inaugural events.

Unfortunately no one on John Kasich’s team – including Kasich himself – seems to be able to provide a consistent answer as to why the action was taken in the first place or why the decision was reversed.

First we’re told by Kasich’s press team that the Governor doesn’t want the press at his house when he’s sworn in because of “security concerns for his family at his personal residence.”

We’re also told that “security issues and the need to accommodate many ‘stakeholder’ groups” are the reason reporters will be escorted out of public events after the speeches are over.

So reporters can’t come to the swearing in or the parties because of security concerns. Got it.

Then, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE complained and protested and made such a stink that Team Kasich changed their minds – and their message.

Today we’re told by spokesman Rob Nichols that “the incoming governor was not concerned about security at his home, where he had planned to hold the ceremony, as much as he just wanted it to be private.”

And glass city jungle points out that Kasich himself said he didn’t want the press at his parties because people would be drunk and dancing poorly! According to Kasich the people at his Inauguration events “want to have a good time. They don’t want some reporter saying this guy had too much to drink, or this woman had too much to drink, or this guy back here is the worst dancer that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

It’s amazinly, really, how poorly these guys are at keeping their message straight. Not even just from day to day – but minute to minute and person to person.

And you know Kasich is blaming Nichols for this disaster right now. And everyone else he can find. Coffee cups will be thrown. Even though the problem is not so much bad messaging as it is poor decision making that requires the communications team to go into damage control mode.

Anyone want to bet whether Kasich’s communications staff makes it through the summer?