If you visited the blog page of John Kasich’s website around 1:50PM yesterday you might have seen something like this:

The title of the website had be changed to “Buy Ultram Without Prescription” and the text of most of the blog posts had been altered to include drug-related key words like “Buy Ultram no prescription. Ultram san diego. Ultram in uk. Buy Ultram online no prescription. Delivered overnight Ultram.”

Before you ask, NO – I didn’t do this.

I actually had to look up ultram to figure out what it was.

According to drugs.com: “Ultram is a narcotic-like pain reliever… used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the clock.”

Talk about targeted advertising. The people of Ohio are definitely going to be looking for relief for their chronic, round-the-clock pain over the next four years. And what better place to advertise than the website for the guy who caused it.

( Here’s a complete screen print of the whole site at the time. )