And he couldn’t care less.  Seriously, watch for yourself.  He actually says he doesn’t know who’s paying for the security upgrades to his home.  Upgrades similar to the ones the Ohio Ethics Commission sanctioned former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann for paying using his campaign funds to cover.

From Marc Kovac of Ohio Capital Blog:

Kasich says that the Patrol will answer all questions about the improvements being made at the residence, including who is paying for it.  We, and other media outlets, have asked the Patrol who refused to answer any questions citing “safety concerns.”

Unfreakin’ believable.

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  • Anonymous

    Jo Ingles asked the key question – will these improvements increase the value of your house? The ethics commission took issue with that when Marc Dann did it.

    His answer: ask the Patrol. Does that mean he gets his ethics guidance from the Ohio Highway Patrol? Will they also do his taxes and show him how to claim the improvements to his home as income?

    That highway patrol is really useful when you don’t have them out writing speeding tickets.

  • Anonymous

    You win snark of the day. I award you +3 internets.

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