The Akron Beacon Journal picks up on our story yesterday that, with less than a week to go, there seems to be an utter lack of demand to celebrate the inauguration of John Kasich as Governor.

Matt Borges, the guy who was convicted for public corruption when he was former State Treasurer Joe Deters’ chief-of-staff, but now serves as the Executive Director for the inauguration to usher in a “New Way, New Day,” admits that tickets are still available for every event open to the public.

One of the events nearing capacity is the kick-off inaugural event at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

The venue can hold 500 for an open bar, hor’s d’oeuvres and live music by Hall of Fame inductee Sam Moore of the rock group Sam and Dave and also by the Reaganomics. Free tickets required.

In other news, John Kasich has been unable to give away 500 free tickets for an event with an open bar and free food and rock music.  It’s an offer that’s even tempting to your loyal PlunderCrew.

Ironic that Kasich would have an inauguration with an 80’s cover band called the Reaganomics.  Reaganomics is exactly the “new way” Kasich is offering to Ohio as an economic policy.

Any politician who thinks going along with John Kasich is a safe thing to do politically because he has the support of the people need to remember this–

John Kasich is such an intolerable prick people don’t even want to drink with him for free.

Think about that, General Assembly, when Kasich suggests its safer to be on board with him on the budget…

When forced between getting on the party bus with free liquor with John Kasich or getting run over it, apparently, most people are choosing the later.

Kasich Party Bus Choice

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